Speed Dating is for You If –

§         You are too busy to have social life that affords you the time to meet new people.

§         You have an occupation that has a schedule makes it difficult to meet other people. This is often true of individuals who perform shift work, work in the travel industry or feel isolated because they are freelance and just “don’t get out much.”

§         You don’t want to waste any more time looking for a relationship. As speed-dating provides you with the opportunity to pre-interview a potential candidate you are granted the opportunity to meet many more people in a much shorter space of time then you would if you just went out to a bar or a club.

§         You feel stuck in the same social circle. Many people remain with the same group of friends for years and years and are rarely introduced to new faces. This is one way to get out of your rut and meet new friends even if the date doesn’t work out!

§         You can’t afford a match making service, but you can afford speed dating. Match making services charge hefty prices per year, sometimes as much as a $1000.00 to introduce you to new people. Speed-dating admissions vary from being absolutely free to free for women only to about $20.00 a head.

§         You are sick of playing games with people online who describe themselves as being one thing and then turn out to be another or who show promise and then disappear.

§         You are tired of going on dates that you can’t end because it is too awkward to tell the other person that you already know it is not going to work out …

§         You take rejection well. It is possible to walk out after a game and not be selected by any member of the opposite sex in the room.

§         You have a sense of humour. Speed dating is very much a game of “rolling with the punches.” It is important not to take things that are said too personally and not to hold a grudge against anyone who is selected by the special person you had your eye on!

Speed Dating is Not For You If –

§         You are not good with first impressions. If you are not great at making a first impression then you probably won’t succeed at speed dating. Put it this way, if you are notoriously nervous and awkward during a job interview it is likely that you will find speed dating just as difficult to get through.

§         You have low self-esteem or consider yourself to be unattractive. Unfortunately, speed dating is a visual exercise so it is important to look your best during the short time period that you have to introduce yourself to another person.

§         You are shy. If you clam up when someone asks you questions then the person interviewing you is likely to just give up and not select you at the end of the night.

§         You have trouble remembering faces. No names or personal contact information is exchanged between you and the person who is interviewing you so sometimes all you have to go on is the face that you remember at the end of the night. Keep in mind too that it is human nature to remember the negative experiences more clearly than the positive ones when it is time to fill out your form at the end of the night.

§         You don’t know what you want in a partner. If you don’t know what you want in a partner, have no idea of your personal preferences and don’t come prepared with at least ten questions to find out about the other person then you are most likely not going to succeed at speed dating. It is easier to narrow down your choices at the end of the game if you know what you are looking for, otherwise you are just “window shopping.”