The worst thing your boyfriend really wants to consider is yet another fellow having been with you (whether we are talking about sex or even simply hooking up). Envisioning other guy getting down along with you are able to actually drive him nuts.

Have you’d a checkered sexual history that is filled with plenty of experience? In that case, the boyfriend of yours might have difficulty dealing with this. But this’s a thing that he must allow.

Do not you dare let another person toss the past of yours in the face of yours or even hold it against you. If it is ancient history (or just a couple of weeks ago), allow it to remain there, and go on.

He should recognize you for all you areIf he has decided to be with you…he needs to admit you for all you’re. And meaning all. It does not mean he’s to love the sexual history of yours, of course, though it indicates he cannot hold it against you. It is entirely unfair for him to need date you and after that begin knit picking about details from the past of yours.

in case he is continuously bringing up your pastTell him flat out he is going to need to recognize anything about you in case he really wants to date you. Let him know he’s 2 choices:

a) You 2 break up

b) You 2 stay together…but he is able to never ever mention your sexual past ever again. Never. Not even if you 2 are fighting.

Learn from the mistakes of yours and move onThe several moments of pleasure which come from sex and connecting could have a lasting impact on you self esteem and reputation. Assuming you have decided to alter your “free loving” ways, you are doing the right thing and that is what is the most important. On the flip side, in case you have just had a couple of hookup as well as your male is generating a significant problem about it, you may be better to rethink whether you truly have to date such a puritanical person.